Tiergarten Events11
Installation, Tiergarten Park, Berlin

Prior to the opening of the Berlin Wall, the streets, public buildings, parks and open spaces of the city/state of West Berlin became the base for my artistic projects. The beautiful, historic and tranquil Tiergarten was an aesthetic oasis which merged the urban and “natural” environment within what was then, the state of West Berlin. For the Leaf Works in Berlin Tiergarten I utilized forces and materials of “nature” as both a backdrop and source with which to create environmental art. These installations develop through careful modification in nature, in some cases seasonally produced during several years of observation and experimentation.

In this series of site-specific work I calculate; light, wind, water flow, falling rated and type of leaves, in relationship to landscape elements such as paths, viewpoints flora and fauna of the park, then I determine the shape and positioning of floating forms. Here I span the water’s surface with strings into which small sticks are often tied. These lines modify the waters surface and the natural flows leaves in order to create art. Slack lines will make curves, taut strings form straight lines, and when sticks are bent and tied together more shapes are possible. The opening, closing, flowing as well as massing of materials, in relation to many complex factors and process of spaces and time, were essential to creating these works. A number of communicative and collaborative interactions with city and park officials as well as park visitors and other public groups took place through these events.