The Dart

I first traveled with THE DART14 by train, from Berlin (F.R.G.) to Dresden (G.D.R) on July 12, 1990. In Dresden THE DART was placed at locations, which corresponded to ideas being formulated about the development of the city. THE 4.5 meter DART was carried to locations under review and set in the ground to point directly to the physical locations being considered conceptually by architects. THE DART provided symbolic contact between abstract ideas and real existent space.

The general idea behind the dart project is to place THE DART at various locations drawing the observer’s attention from the limitless possibilities of focus to a definite spot in space and time. THE DART in this way becomes a pointer unifying: place and idea, point and abstraction, and intentional focus and general perception. As with all artistic works, the observer is drawn to a location, stimulated to ask questions, and have a series of personal thoughts and emotions.

As THE DART is moved to locations throughout the world, it will direct attention to physical points that are the focus of mental activities. One idea of the project is to remind the observer that the planning or symbolic aspects of a physical spot are often taking place in an intellectual realm removed from the physical place. So as we play THE DART game throughout the world, we draw reference to a physical mark that has symbolic, conceptual, aesthetic and abstract reference.